Reg’Activ® AHCC® Professional. АНСС Professional – a new level for doctors and clinicians

AHCC® – a unique formulation developed in Japan over 30 years ago and has undergone extensive research and clinical trials with patients.

More than 100 scientific studies and 30 clinical trials.

Especially isolated Shiitake cells are grown and fermented using patented cultivation technology. This closed, controlled production process ensures impeccable quality, and purity and guarantees the total absence of harmful ingredients. During cultivation, enzymes naturally present in mushroom cells produce certain active compounds called acetylated alpha-glucans. Alpha-glucans are small molecules that are easily digested by the body and have unique properties.

The benefits of AHCC® have been demonstrated by more than 100 scientific studies conducted worldwide and 30 clinical trials with patients

The use of high-quality nutritional supplements is an integral part of comprehensive treatment strategies, especially when the risks of complications and side effects of medication become unacceptable.

Specific, clinically proven nutritional supplements and ingredients can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments to help support normal physiological functions of the body.

For example, it is known that chemotherapy can produce numerous complications and significantly reduce blood hemoglobin.

The use of drugs such as AHCC in combination can maintain hemoglobin at an acceptable level, and sometimes at the level of a healthy person.

Препарат АНСС Профессиональный:

  • Suitable for vegetarians/vegans
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free

Integrative Health, the manufacturer of ANSS Professional in Europe, carefully develops the formulations of its premium products for healthcare applications. The effectiveness of these products is guaranteed by the use of patented, innovative, research-based ingredients such as AHCC®, ETAS®, L.fermentum ME-3®

The quality and safety of Integrative Health products are also of paramount importance. Each step of the production process is strictly monitored to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the finished product. All production facilities comply with the necessary quality standards depending on the applicable regulations (ISO22000, GMP, HACCP).

Research is an integral part of Integrative Health’s product development process. The effects of proprietary ingredients have been confirmed by years of testing and numerous scientific studies.

If you have any questions, you will be able to get advice from our specialists and a doctor at the Medinstitut – Nikolenko Clinic (Cyprus).

WhatsApp: +35799746700 e-mail: info@ahcc-cyprus.com

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