AHCC for Aesthetic & Longevity Medicine

Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) is a natural immune-modulating supplement derived from the mycelia of shiitake mushrooms. It has gained attention for its potential benefits in strengthening the immune system, improving quality of life, and extending longevity overall. Below you can learn and get explanations of its importance in both Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity:

Importance of AHCC for Aesthetic Medicine

We can start with Skin Health and in particular Immune Support for the Skin.

  • Immune Defence of the Skin is of great importance. AHCC can bolster the skin’s immune defense, helping it to combat infections and inflammation, and potentially reducing the risk of conditions like acne and other inflammatory skin disorders. Healthier skin reflects in its appearance, contributing to a more youthful and vibrant look
  • Skin Regeneration after minimally invasive treatments and plastic surgery involves a complex interplay of various immune cells. These cells play crucial roles in skin and tissue repair. The key immune cells that contribute most significantly to skin regeneration include Macrophages, Neutrophils, T Cells, Fibroblasts, Dendritic Cells, Mast Cells, and Keratinocytes
  • Wound Healing being a certain condition comes after plastic surgery or even minimally invasive procedure. Enhanced immune function supports faster and more efficient wound healing. This is particularly beneficial in general aesthetic medicine for the body’s recovery after procedures such as laser treatments, thread lifting, micro-needling, and other surgeries, reducing downtime and improving outcomes

AHCC Contributes to Inflammatory Effects

  • Reducing Inflammation is a vital point. Chronic inflammation can lead to skin aging and conditions like rosacea and eczema. AHCC’s anti-inflammatory properties help mitigate these issues, promoting clearer and more even-toned skin

Oxidative Stress Reduction

  • AHCC has been shown to have antioxidant effects, which help protect skin cells from oxidative stress caused by environmental factors such as UV radiation and pollution. This protection helps in maintaining the skin’s youthful appearance and delaying the aging process

Importance of AHCC for Longevity

AHCC properties affect immune system enhancement

  • AHCC is known for its immune-modulating effects, enhancing the activity of natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines. A robust immune system is crucial for defending against infections, cancer, and other diseases, contributing to overall health and longevity.
  • Disease Prevention with AHCC can be obtained by enhancing the immune system’s ability to detect and destroy pathogens and cancer cells. AHCC can play a role in cancer prevention and support, thereby potentially extending life expectancy.

AHCC properties support Anti-tumor Activity

  • Supporting Cancer Treatment by AHCC has been studied. AHCC has been used adjunctively with conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. It helps mitigate side effects, improve patients’ quality of life, and potentially improve treatment outcomes, which can contribute to increased longevity

AHCC properties support Liver Health

  • Detoxification of the body is a crucial point for good health. AHCC supports liver function, aiding in detoxification processes. A healthy liver is vital for overall health, as it helps remove toxins from the body, metabolizes nutrients, and regulates various bodily functions
  • Protection Against Liver Disease has been properly researched and studies suggest that AHCC may protect against liver damage caused by toxins and improve liver function in patients with chronic liver diseases, contributing to longer life expectancy

AHCC properties support Cardiovascular Health

  • By Reducing Inflammation and Oxidative Stress AHCC helps maintain cardiovascular health, lowering the risk of heart disease, which is a major factor in longevity. Heart and cardiovascular diseases are shown as diseases with one of the highest risks of death
  • Cholesterol Management is another key point related to AHCC as it may also have a role in managing cholesterol levels, further supporting heart health

AHCC for Quality of Life

  • Quality of Life and Overall Well-Being can be reached with regular intake of AHCC as it has been associated with improved energy levels, better sleep, and enhanced overall well-being, contributing to a better quality of life, which is an essential component of healthy aging.

AHCC Significance in Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity

AHCC’s significance in aesthetic medicine lies in its ability to enhance immune function, reduce inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress, all of which contribute to healthier and more youthful skin. For longevity, AHCC offers broad health benefits, including immune system enhancement, cancer support, liver protection, and cardiovascular health, all of which are crucial for extending life expectancy and improving quality of life. By supporting both aesthetic and health-related aspects of aging, AHCC represents a valuable supplement in the pursuit of longevity and enhanced well-being.

References to clinical trials that specifically investigate the effect of Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC)

Improved Immune Response in Healthy Adults:

“Clinical Effects of AHCC in Healthy Volunteers: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial” (2008)

  • Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT00645654
  • This study evaluated the immune-modulating effects of AHCC in healthy adults, demonstrating enhanced NK cell activity and improved overall immune function

AHCC in Cancer Patients:

“The Effect of AHCC on Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy” (2006)

  • Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT00298816
  • This trial assessed the impact of AHCC on the quality of life in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Results showed that AHCC supplementation helped improve the quality of life by reducing chemotherapy-associated side effects

Liver Cancer and Immune Function:

“Immunological Effects of AHCC in Patients with Liver Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial” (2009)

  • Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT00982860
  • This study examined the effects of AHCC on immune parameters in patients with liver cancer, showing improved immune responses and potentially better clinical outcomes

AHCC in the Management of HPV Infections:

“Efficacy of AHCC in Patients with Persistent Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infections: A Phase II Clinical Trial” (2014).

  • Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT02405533
  • This trial investigated the effectiveness of AHCC in clearing persistent HPV infections, with promising results suggesting AHCC could help in reducing HPV infection rates

Impact on Immune Function in Older Adults:

“Effect of AHCC on Immune Function in Healthy Elderly Subjects: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial” (2011)

  • Clinical Trial Identifier: NCT01401083
  • The study explored how AHCC affects immune function in older adults, finding significant improvements in various immune markers, indicating enhanced immune function

These studies provide evidence of AHCC’s beneficial effects on immune function, quality of life in cancer patients, and potential in managing viral infections, all of which contribute to its value in longevity and overall health.

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